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Jirachi by ellieakaliz
Jirachi's only major anime appearance was in Jirachi: Wish Maker. Jirachi will only awaken during the week of the thousand-year comet and if there is a partner that can be its friend. Max filled that role in the movie. However, Butler wanted to use Jirachi's powers to awaken Groudon. When Butler gained control of Jirachi, he forced it to use its power, inadvertently creating a fake Groudon that would devour everything in sight with its liquid-like tentacles. With the help of Butler, Max, and Ash, Jirachi managed to destroy the Groudon with Doom Desire.
Spider Woman by ellieakaliz
Spider Woman
Jessica Drew was born to Jonathan Drew and Merriem Drew. Experimented on by Hydra, she became Agent Arachne, sent to kill Nick Fury. When Fury showed her the true nature of Hydra, she fled the scene. Later, Jessica would come back as a hero, bounty hunter, private investigator, and later, an Avenger.
Torchic by ellieakaliz
May has a Torchic that she obtained in Get the Show on the Road!. It evolved into Combusken in A Shroomish Skirmish, and later into Blaziken in Once More with Reeling!.
Mega-gallade by ellieakaliz
A Gallade under Zoey's command made his TV episode debut in A Grand Fight for Winning! where it battled Dawn's Piplup and Togekiss along with Zoey's Glameow in the Sinnoh Grand Festival finals.
am so sorry that I not be put any art work up be feeling very sick when I feel well I will put some up


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United Kingdom
I am chat girl but in a shy way and i am a gd m8t 2 have will be there for them Love did art work

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ellieakaliz Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
ya am so sorry that i not be put up any art work up my internt got cut off
RavenTouko Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm gonna watch you! :huggle: Cuddling up with someone close... 
ellieakaliz Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
am be take my time on my art work as i have hut my hand 
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Welcome to :iconpokemon-art-work3379:!:)
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After just looking at your art I had to watch you!!!
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thx u so much :love: 
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thanks for the watch and fav!! i'm happy that you liked my gallery XD
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Cute gallery! :love:
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