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i love art you and if you love it to then you can put as much or as little as you like Point :)

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Jirachi by ellieakaliz
Jirachi's only major anime appearance was in Jirachi: Wish Maker. Jirachi will only awaken during the week of the thousand-year comet and if there is a partner that can be its friend. Max filled that role in the movie. However, Butler wanted to use Jirachi's powers to awaken Groudon. When Butler gained control of Jirachi, he forced it to use its power, inadvertently creating a fake Groudon that would devour everything in sight with its liquid-like tentacles. With the help of Butler, Max, and Ash, Jirachi managed to destroy the Groudon with Doom Desire.
Silver by ellieakaliz
Like Brendan, Lucas and Ethan (excluding Jimmy), he played no role in the anime, despite being a main character in the games. Similarly, his only appearance in the anime is a brief cameo, in the original Japanese opening of The Legend of Thunder! (A New Oath), where he was shown defeating Jimmy with his Nidoking, only to be defeated later on when Jimmy's Cyndaquil evolves into Typhlosion.
While Silver did not appear in the main series of the anime, he was considered by much of the fandom to have a close counterpart in the character of Paul, who was Ash's main rival throughout the Diamond & Pearl series. Like Silver, Paul believed in raising the power of his Pokémon through harsh training as opposed to forming a trusting relationship which put him at odds with Ash throughout the series. Also, Paul's official art shows him in the same pose as Silver does in one of his official artwork by Ken Sugimori.
Noctowl by ellieakaliz
Noctowl bears similarity to an owl with brown plumage and has a darker brown triangle pattern of feathers running down its chest. Its wings and wedge-shaped tail are dark brown, while the underside of its wings is light brown. It has bushy, cream-colored feather 'horns' that look similar to a trident or eyebrows. The ring pattern around its eyes and its talons are cream colored, and Noctowl's beak and talons are light pink. Additionally, Noctowl's irises are red. As shown in the the anime, Noctowl can grow a small beard in its elderly stages.
Noctowl is a nocturnal Pokémon. It has exceptional hearing and eyesight, can fly silently, and can turn its heads at a 180° angle to increase its intellect. Noctowl is most commonly found nesting in trees and forests.
Max by ellieakaliz
In the second generation, Max will have married Julia, unless Kyle did (in which case he'll be married to Yue). He will also continue to do the same thing he did in the first generation, except now he has a wife and a daughter named Leann. If Kyle married Rosalind in the first generation and Aria or Aaron talks to him, he will get upset if they call him uncle, but he still seems to care about his niece or nephew, telling them that they can play in his manor if they want. He will also give them tips about fighting. He also jokes around more with both Aria and Aaron; he jokes that he will wear low-rise bikini.

Max's Dialog
am so sorry that I not be put any art work up be feeling very sick when I feel well I will put some up


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United Kingdom
I am chat girl but in a shy way and i am a gd m8t 2 have will be there for them Love did art work

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