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i love art you and if you love it to then you can put as much or as little as you like Point :)

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deadpool by ellieakaliz
I did this draw on youtube have a look and if you like let me know…
Alexa by ellieakaliz
In Mystery on a Deserted Island!, she went to an island with the group which was known to have some treasure. After arrival, she recorded some footage of a sunken ship there and then passed through a gate that took her to some wild Pokémon that evolved from some stones. Continuing onward with a group of three Eevee, she found a secret passageway which led her to the treasure chest. After Alexa found the treasure and got the Eevee to evolve, the Pokémon began to respect her and the group. Afterwards, she left with the group and waved her farewells to the Pokémon.
In A Pokémon of a Different Color!, after Alexa and the group arrived on Cave Island, she temporarily left the group and rode on her Gogoat to find something to film. At the end of the episode, she returned to Ash and his friends and as she missed out on a Shiny Druddigon who lived on the island, Clair showed the Druddigon to her as she caught it earlier.
In Go, Go Gogoat!, it was revealed that Gogoat was Alexa's first Pokémon; she caught it after it helped her back up a cliff to her campsite.
In Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!, while Ash parted ways with Iris and Cilan, Alexa remained with him and followed him to Pallet Town. In the next episode, she told Ash that her sister is a Gym Leader in the Kalos region. At the end of the Best Wishes series, Alexa accompanied Ash as he traveled to Kalos.
Deerling-Spring by ellieakaliz
Deerling have made brief cameos in many episodes such as A Sandile Gusher of Change!, Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster!, Gotta Catch a Roggenrola!, and Lost at the Stamp Rally! as background Pokémon. Many Trainers have been known to own Deerling such as a Trainer in a flashback in The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!, where it was seen to have defeated Tepig before it was caught by Ash.
am so sorry that I not be put any art work up be feeling very sick when I feel well I will put some up


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United Kingdom
I am chat girl but in a shy way and i am a gd m8t 2 have will be there for them Love did art work

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if any one as any ideas for background 
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 I put some my art work up take look when free…
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take so time look at my video…
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thx u so much for all you happy birthday wish :)
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